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Current issue topic:

Union State Belarus and Russia: 20 years together





Anyone who submits a manuscript for publication in the journal must previously verify that the paper to be sent conforms strictly to the following instructions for authors:

I. The editorial board accepts:

1. Manuscripts

1.1. on paper –in two copies, numbered, and signed by all the authors, in Russian, Belarusian and English;

1.2. electronic version in doc, docx formats– on electronic media (CD, DVD) or sent by e-mail with attached files on our e-mail address 2295079@gmail.com or post@pu.by. Titles of the attached files should include names of the authors (e. g. “Ivanov_ Petrov. Docx”)

2 Critical review, carried out by the structural subdivision (professorial chair, department, laboratory) or by a specialist, with science degree, certifying the originality of the article and containing recommendations for publishing (signatures of the head of chair, department, laboratory and of the specialist should be certified in prescribed order).

3.  Two copies of the authorship agreement signed by all the authors on the form presented on the journal’s web site www.pu.by. Authors who have already signed the contract with the journal should submit only the handover act (Statement of Acceptance of Works).

4.  Petition of the postgraduate education institution for publishing the papers of the postgraduates, PhD students, external Phd students; the certificate, issued by the Postgraduate study department, that confirms the postgraduates’ affiliation with the postgraduate education institution (that also concerns external PhD students doing their final year).

Manuscripts cannot have been previously published and should not be under consideration in any other journal while they are being considered for publication in the journal.

II. The manuscript formatting should conform to the following rules:

1. The size of the research manuscript, submitted to the editorial board, must constitute from 15.000 up to 20.000 printed characters, including white spaces, punctuation marks, figures, etc.

2. Manuscripts should be printed in font Times New Roman, font size 14. Paragraphs should be formatted with line spacing 1.5., and include the following elements:

2.1.  index (UDC);

2.2. information about the author (authors):

full names of all the authors (in Russian and English);

position, science degree, academic degree (in Russian and English);

full name of the place of work (for each author in the Nominative, country, city or town (in Russian and English));

E-mail address (of each author);

postal address and contact phone number (one contact number for all the authors will be sufficient);

2.3.  the title of paper in Russian and English;

2.4. abstract of no more than 250 words in Russian and English;

2.5. key words or word combinations (up to 15) in Russian and English; (key words or word combinations should be separated from each other by a comma);

2.6. the text of paper.

3. The text of paper shall be drawn up in conformity with the established requirements of VAK (the Highest Certification Commission) considering the formatting of thesis research publications and should include:

3.1. introduction;

3.2. main part, including drawings, diagrams,  graphs, tables, and other illustrative materials (if any);

3.3. conclusion, ended up with clearly defined brief conclusions about the novelty of the research paper and its scientific and practical importance;

3.4. list of references (presented in conformity with the established requirements considering the formatting of thesis research publications;  should be given after the conclusion; references should be numbered in accordance with the order they come in the text; sequence numbers of the references should be placed into square brackets (e.g., [1], [2, 3], [2–5])). In case of bibliographical reference to publications it is necessary to indicate in the relevant item in the list of references the total number of pages in this publication, and after the number of this reference, given in the text of paper in square brackets, separated by a comma, the exact pages, containing the material discussed, should be given (e.g., [1, с. 49]). In case of reference not to the original work, but to the materials quoted in some other sources, it should be marked in the text in brackets (e.g.: (ref. to [1, с. 49])). Self citation should not exceed 20 %.

Examples of bibliographical reference to the cited sources are presented on the official web site of the journal.

III. Consideration of the manuscripts by the editorial board

1. The editorial board reserves the right to select, conduct additional review, and make drafting changes that do not distort the sense of paper (literary and technological corrections). The manuscripts submitted for publication in sections A or B,  written by postgraduates (PhD candidates) regardless of their mode of study (full-time attendance or part-time education), are due to compulsive additional peer review. Information about the reviewers is confidential. If the reviewer has any questions, the paper with the comments of the reviewer is sent back to the author. The date of receiving the latest version of the paper is considered to be the date of receipt.

In case of unfavourable review, the paper is sent back to the author for its refinement with due regard to the reviewer’s points of criticism. The corrected papers are resent for peer review. In case of repetitive unfavourable review the papers will be disqualified from further consideration.

2. Papers of the final year postgraduates (PhD candidates) are published on a priority basis (including the papers with co-authors), provided they comply with the stated requirements.

3. Manuscripts that have been already published are not considered by the editorial board.

4. Materials and manuscripts submitted to the editorial board that do not meet the requirements of sections I and II of the Instructions for Authors, shall not be peer reviewed and are not considered for publishing. The manuscripts are not returned to the author(s).

5. Original manuscripts are kept in the editorial office within one year, referee reports within three years.

Editorial Office contact information:

220007, Minsk, Moskovskaya str. 17, room 210.

Tel/fax: +375172295079

E-mail: 2295079@gmail.com, gulko_nv@pac.by or post@pu.by

Electronic versions of the papers, published in the journal, are placed on web site eLIBRARY.RU and are included into the Russian Science Citation Index.




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