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Union State Belarus and Russia: 20 years together




The decision to publish the research–and-pratice magazine “Problemy Upravlenija” was taken by the administration of the Academy in 2001.

Within a short period of time the magazine has substantially raised its image, and taken a decent in Belarus informational-and-educational space. The variety of topics not only in the sphere of public administration but in other spheres of public life have contributed to this.

The authors of the periodical are not only supreme officials of the state and heads of primary and basic levels of public administration but also post-graduate and undergraduate, students and young scientists.

The members of editorial board and editorial council are the most respected scientists and oficcials.

Publishing subject issues  the periodical has succeeded not only in becoming the leader in forming a new approach to public administration, but also in giving its pages to famous philosophers, economists, lawyers, psychologists, scientists and experts, public administrators of all levels.

By the 18/01/2006 №8 Act of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus the magazine was inscribed in the list of scientific editions of the Republic of Belarus for the publication of results of dissertation researches in philosophy, economy, law, politics, sociology and psychology.

Editors-in-chief of “Problemy Upravlenija” magazine:
” 2001/2002 Piotr I. Brigadin, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor;
” 2002/2003 Piotr D. Kuharchik, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus;
” 2003/2007 Stanislav N. Knyazev, Doctor of Law, Professor;
“  2007/2014 Anatoly N. Morozevich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor;
” since 2015  Marat G. Zhylinski, Candidate of Sciences in History, Associate Professor.
Executive  secretary of “Problemy Upravlenija” magazine:
” 2001/2005 Anatoliy M. Pustohod, Candidate of Hisorical Sciences, Associate Professor;
” 2006/2013  Ruslan N. Masharov;
‘’since 2014  Nina V.Gulko, Candidate of Sciences in Chemistry.





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